Mumbles Community Council (MCC) are hoping to press ahead as quickly as possible with their plans to redevelop the skatepark at Llwynderw after an independent report confirmed their preferred site as optimal for the facility. The report confirms that the site has “numerous positive factors making it a suitable location”. The report was a requirement of Swansea Council’s due diligence process which has to be completed to inform the decision making process on use of the site. It was commissioned by Mumbles Community Council to review three sites identified by Swansea Council.

Mumbles Community Council favours the Llwynderw site partly because it is already a well-known meeting place amongst the wheeled sports community in Swansea and beyond, being home to a skate ramp for the last 20 years. Another key factor was its accessibility by green and active travel options, including the cycle path and several bus routes.

The re-development, which has already received planning permission, has strong support from local users and the wider skate, scooter and BMX community. It has been specifically designed to include wheelchair riders.

Cllr Pam Erasmus from Mumbles Community Council said: “Councillors have been working very hard on this project for a number of years now. Everything is in place to start on the build of this beautiful redevelopment, as soon as Swansea Council make a decision on the site. We are really keen to get going as quickly as possible.”

Cllr Sara Keeton said: “We are delighted that after many years of planning, we are now close to the point where we will see those plans become a reality. We are grateful for the advice of the skater community, particularly the wheelchair community in this process, which means we will have a really fantastic facility on our doorstep.”

Mumbles Community Council has already agreed to underwrite the cost of the build, meaning that the project is secure financially. Ongoing maintenance costs will be partly met by fundraising from local users via the Mumbles Skatepark Association.

The report has been submitted to Swansea Council for consideration, who will use it to inform their decision-making on granting the lease to Mumbles Community Council.

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