Plastic pollution is one of our most prominent environmental issues, and our demand for this product is ever increasing! Now, around 50% of the plastic we produce is single-use, with around 8 million tons of the stuff polluting our oceans every year!

Plastic Free Communities is a Surfers Against Sewage (SAS) campaign, helping communities all over the UK tackle single-use plastic pollution. Mumbles Community Council have joined forces to help Mumbles become a Plastic Free Community. Under Surfers Against Sewages guidance and help, we hope to make Mumbles a cleaner and healthier community.

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(COMPLETED) ONE: Local Governance: Mumbles Community Council to pass a resolution to lead by example, remove single-use items from their workplace, promote plastic-free initiatives and one councillor to be a part of the Plastic Free Mumbles Steering group. See Mumbles Community Councils letter of PASS of the resolution here!

(COMPLETED) TWO: Business Champions: At least three single-use items removed from 6 local businesses in Mumbles and replaced with sustainable alternatives. Click here to see how your business can join the Plastic Free Movement.

THREE: Plastic Free Allies: Joining forces with schools, community groups, universities etc to get on board with our Plastic Free Movement. Spreading the message as wide as we can! Click here to see how your school can join the Plastic Free Movement. Community groups, please email us!

(COMPLETED) FOUR: Rallies and Events: At least two community events, open for all to attend, organised in one calendar year. Click here to see our upcoming events!

FIVE: Local steering and resistance groups: Establish a local steering group and a dedicated team to meet and discuss Plastic Free actions. Meet at least twice a year. Carrie T. Jones (Chair of Environmental and Well-being Committee) is our steering group councillor.

Stay tuned on our Facebook and Instagram pages for constant updates on our events and campaigns!


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