Conservation work has started at the Sustainable Mumbles Urban Green Spaces (SMUGS) site and we’ve been working closely with The Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales to remove non-native invasive species, litter and unmanaged scrub. We’re constantly monitoring the work at this site, making sure that we can set an example for how connected and restored urban green spaces should be for the future. Most vegetation that was removed from the site was chipped in order for us to recycle to use for pathways and others have been kept as habitat piles (both standing deadwood and ground piles).

Now that the non-natives have been removed, we can let the site ‘take care of itself’ for a while, to see what native woodland species come back and naturally thrive in this space. In the meantime, we’ll be focussing on managing the site, creating a wetland area for wildlife and establishing pathways. Stay tuned for more updates soon and to see how this site goes from a litter and non-native area to a space fit for wildlife.

SMUGS clearance web

SMUGS clearance web2


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