Thank you for volunteering to deliver food to elderly and vulnerable residents who are unable to go out due to the Coronavirus crisis.

Advice for volunteers

Thank you for volunteering to deliver food to elderly and vulnerable residents who are unable to go out due to the Coronavirus crisis.

Please make sure you read these guidelines carefully and follow them at all times.


  • Wash your hands or use hand sanitiser before putting on disposable gloves provided.
  • Lay out disposable bin/recycling bag in your car to protect the shopping bags while in transit.
  • If required, gather items from supermarket nearest to your house or the house of the recipient.
  • If something is unavailable, do your best to make a suitable replacement to a similar value. Do not worry if this is not possible – you are not required to get every single item on the list if they are not available.
  • Please use a brand new bag when purchasing shopping and place shopping bags inside your disposable bag in the car when transporting shopping.


  • Where possible, please use online/mobile banking to collect payment for the groceries. You should provide a receipt to the recipient so they know exactly how much they need to pay you back.
  • For your own records, please take a photo of the receipt on your phone before leaving it with the recipient.
  • Please try to avoid handling cash or cheques and never take the recipient’s debit or credit card.
  • If you or the recipient does not have mobile or online banking, payment can be arranged by cheque through Mumbles Community Council (MCC). Ask the recipient to write a cheque for the cost of the groceries made payable to Mumbles Community Council and to put the cheque in a sealed envelope. Please place the envelope in the black letter box outside the MCC Office at the Ostreme Centre, Castle Avenue.
  • MCC will make the payment direct to your bank account as soon as the picture of the till receipt and your bank details are received by our Financial Officer, Paul Beynon. To do this, please complete the Volunteer Reimbursement Claim Form (here, ).
  • If there is any dispute between you and the recipient regarding payment, please refer to Paul Beynon at above email address.


  • Where possible, go directly from the supermarket to the recipient’s address.
  • Place items in pre-arranged place at address (a porch would be ideal).
  • Alert household to delivery, either by knocking the door or by phone.
  • Retreat to reasonable distance (minimum 2 metres) to ensure there is a response to your alert.
  • If no response, take a photo of the items in place and call the co-ordinator on 01792 363 598.
  • When you have safely delivered the items, please let us know the job is complete by text, email or phone call.


  • NEVER enter a person’s house.
  • ALWAYS dispose of your gloves straight after completing your delivery.
  • ALWAYS wash your hands as soon as you get back home.