Last night Mumbles Community Council voted in favour of a funding package that secures the future of Mumbles Skatepark. The decision to underwrite the project was accompanied by agreement that MCC will progress its application to the Community Lottery Fund Wales.

Mumbles Skatepark is overwhelmingly supported in the community. Skaters who have been working with MCC on the development of the project and other local residents in favour of the project, have recently set up Mumbles Skatepark Association to raise funds for the ongoing revenue costs of the park when it is built.

However, the Coronavirus pandemic has thrown into question the feasibility of raising as much as was anticipated in grants to cover the cost of the build. Major grant funders are focusing their resources on organisations and projects responding directly to the impact of the virus and lockdown measures. MCC therefore considered this proposal to secure the future of the skatepark in the event that grant funding is delayed or is unavailable.

Its proposers – Cllrs Fogarty, Erasmus and Keeton – took care to ensure that no increase to the precept would be required. This means that MCC has now secured all three of its flagship projects – Mumbles Skatepark, Go-Underhill and Langland Tennis Courts, without any increase to the taxpayers’ bill.

This funding package will support the business case required by Swansea Council before the lease on the proposed site at Llynderw can be agreed. In addition, MCC is currently requesting tenders for an independent consultant to do a final assessment of the site as part of Swansea Council’s due diligence exercise.

The response to the decision last night was jubilant, with members of the public taking to Facebook to call it ‘the best news of 2020 so far’ and the Mumbles Skatepark Association calling it ‘amazing commitment to an amazing project’.



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