Mumbles Community Council (MCC) is delighted to announce that the City & County of Swansea has accepted the proposal for the skatepark at Llwynderw and has recommended the transfer of the land, under lease, to MCC.

Mumbles Skateboard Association and MCC look forward to working with local businesses and residents to help with the future financial sustainability of the skatepark. However, as funding is in place for the redevelopment work we will now continue discussions with Maverick, the skatepark builders, to firm-up expectations and time frames for the project.

The community’s commitment to seeing the new skatepark come to fruition has never waivered throughout the lengthy process. From the first primary school visit and the initial public meeting, we were overwhelmed by the support from local residents and businesses willing to help make this happen.

MCC is grateful for the advice provided by City and County of Swansea officers. From the very first exploratory meeting their guidance was frank, but fair - it wasn’t always what we wanted to hear, but it was what we needed to know.

We also took much needed advice from Lilly Rice, the Welsh WCMC World Champion (Wheelchair Moto Cross) on adapting the design for wheelchair users, and expert advice from James Jones our Welsh BMX Olympic team member.

There are so many other people we want to thank. From the skaters who advised us from the start on this ambitious project, ensuring the concept was relevant to young people and families of all abilities, to the older residents who gave us our mantra, “Give them something to do and somewhere to go!”. We are grateful to all those who joined us along the way, bringing new skills and perspectives to the many issues that needed to be dealt with. MCC councillors and staff were always ready to find information and solutions to problems as they arose and this experience has also benefitted subsequent MCC projects.

Councillor Pamela Erasmus said, “This has taken three determined years. I want to thank every single voice that said, “You can do this!” So many times, they picked us up and pushed us forward. Community at its best.”

Councillor Sara Keeton said, “I am delighted that our Llwynderw skatepark has been given the green light. I know how much this will mean to all skaters, young and old, in our community. This will be a cherished park. I have to give my thanks to Mumbles Skatepark Association for their support, knowledge and their patience. Genuinely, we could not have done it without you.”

MCC Chair, Dr. Martin O’Neill commented, “I welcome this fantastic news. With the skatepark, Ostreme, Langland and Underhill, MCC is providing upgraded leisure facilities for varied interests and ages. I would like to use this opportunity to express my gratitude to all those councillors who have worked tirelessly to make initiatives such as the skatepark happen.”



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