Date Reference Minute No. Declaration
13-Oct-15 2015/1941 Personal interest in planning application 2015/1941 as fellow councillor Paul Whittaker lives at the applicant’s address
13-Oct-15 2015/1856 Personal interest in planning application 2015/1856 as their friends reside at the address
13-Dec-16 2016/3487 Personal interest in planning application 2016/3487 as she knows the applicant
10-Jan-17 S.004 Personal interest in ‘Discussion on Future of Twinning’ as her husband, Cllr Dorsett is an ex-member of the Twinning Association of Mumbles
16-May-17 AN.07.17 Declared a personal interest in item AN.18.17 – Honour of Mumbles - as she knows one of the nominees
23-May-17 2017/0947 Personal and prejudicial interest in planning application 2017/0947 as the tree concerned overhangs her shed and left the meeting room when they were discussed.
27-03-18 S027.18 Declared a personal interest as the developer is an acquaintance.


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