Water Quality Working Group Established

We have received reports of water pollution making the sea inaccessible to public users, including swimmers and surfers, at several points last year, particularly at Langland and Caswell. To follow up on this issue, Mumbles Community Council arranged a meeting to discuss pollution and water quality of local bays and rivers with representatives from Welsh Water and Natural Resources Wales. MP Tonia Antoniazzi also attended this meeting to ask questions of the representatives and share public concerns. During an informative meeting on 21st January 2022, current regulations and monitoring laws were clarified and explained, and ideas were shared on how improving these regulations could be achieved in future. Following this meeting, Mumbles Community Council has established a Water Quality Working Group to continue working towards year round improved water quality in our local bays and rivers. It was also agreed that Mumbles Community Council will arrange a follow up meeting with the representatives from each organisation to discuss matters further. Full notes from this meeting will be shared in February, on our website. If you have any questions for Mumbles Community Council on this matter or any questions you would like us to present to representatives from Welsh Water and Natural Resources Wales in future meetings please contact our Environmental Engagement Officer at Jasmine.weedon@mumbles.gov.uk.