All Systems go for the Skatepark

All Systems go for the Skatepark

Mumbles Community Council (MCC) are delighted to announce that they have signed the lease with Swansea Council and instructed their solicitor to sign the letter of intent with Maverick Industries Ltd, enabling them to proceed with Stage 1 of the Skatepark build at Llwynderw.

It has been confirmed that no papers in relation to a judicial review of Cabinet decision have been received, therefore solicitors are now out of time for issuing and the build can commence.

MCC are waiting to hear from The National Lottery with regards to a grant application made towards funding Stage 2 of the build, hopefully before the end of March.

Chair of MCC said, "This is very welcome news which means that once again, we have overcome a significant barrier that has been holding up the skateboard park. Hopefully, we can now press on with the development of this much wanted facility without further delay.”

We have been asked by residents to provide details of how much we have spent to date, the current build costs and how we intend to fund them, the ongoing costs for the project and finally, an explanation of the increases to build costs since the project began.

These can be viewed by clicking here.