Drinks Supplier for MumblesFest

MumblesFest is a highly successful and very popular music, children’s activities and street food festival provided each year by Mumbles Community Council in the grounds of Oystermouth Castle.
MumblesFest 2022 is being held on Saturday, 16 July 2022 and will be open to the public from 12 noon until 10pm with music from the stage throughout the day, children’s activities until 6pm, the sale of alcohol and soft drinks from the beer tent until 9.30pm and street food from various vendors around the grounds also until 9.30pm.

MumblesFest 2021 was attended by almost 3,500 people over the course of the day.

The organisers of MumblesFest 2022 would like to appoint an alcohol and soft drinks supplier to sell from the beer tent throughout the day.

Suppliers should be able to demonstrate community benefit (economic, social or environmental) e.g. through supporting local jobs, community initiatives or reduced carbon footprint.

The supplier appointed MUST comply with the following requirements

• Provide multiple sales points to cover the 20m beer tent, it is envisaged that a minimum of 12 pay points will be established with 1 member of staff at each pay point.

• Provide sufficient staff to cover each pay point throughout the day to ensure queues are not excessive. The supplier must provide staff to manage any queues and ensure the fast and efficient movement of the public through the beer tent.

• Deliver a fast, efficient and well-staffed system for serving drinks which will minimise the queues. Due to the nature of the event, it is expected that orders will be taken and paid for at the pay point and the drinks will be poured by staff behind the pay point area.

• Have sufficient stock to trade throughout the day although vehicle access to the rear of the beer tent is available should stock need to be replenished.

• Use and provide eco-friendly plastic glasses for the whole day. NO GLASS will be allowed.

• MumblesFest is a local festival and bar prices must not be excessive. Prices charged should be comparable with fair local bar prices.

• The set up of the beer tent will take place on Friday, 15/07/2022 at a time to be given by the organisers and equipment will be dismantled and cleared on Sunday, 17/07/2022. Overnight security will be present throughout the weekend.

• The organisers can provide fridges and bars if required but the supplier must provide their own tills and card readers.

If you would like to be considered as the supplier of alcohol and soft drinks at MumblesFest 2022, please provide a brief outline of how you would manage and deliver the operation to ensure compliance with the requirements shown above as well as an outline of your experience of providing services to events such as MumblesFest.

The organisers would require the appointed supplier to pay a fixed fee to Mumbles Community Council and the fee offered must be included in your submission. Suppliers may submit a bid to supply part of the organisers’ requirements and must indicate in their bid what proportion of the festival they are able to service e.g. number of pay points they are able to staff and what area of the 20m tent they will cover. Joint bids will also be accepted.

If you require further information, please email mumblesfest@mumbles.gov.uk

Please email your offer to council@mumbles.gov.uk by 5pm on Friday, 17 June 2022. Many thanks for your interest.