We have the responsibility to look after our green spaces - but we cant do this alone! We need to use our voice, collaborate and inspire the next person. Our Environmental Officer is working hard to keep the pressure on! 

Mumbles Community Green Spaces covers a wide range of on-going or future projects. 


Biodiversity is decreasing at an alarming rate, with 97% of our wildflower meadows lost within the last century, Small, roadside, urban and community green spaces are biodiversity conservation areas, and are incredibly important to wildlife. From a local roadside verge or a small neglected urban green space, both areas can provide an array of habitats for wildlife - and although they may not look like much, a small roadside verge has the potential to completely reverse insect declines.  

We have collaborated with Keep Wales Tidy to undertake small enhancements to Jubilee Gardens - which we aim to continue enhancing. Adding in a wildflower garden bug hotel and bird feeders. Roadside verges and other small green spaces are next! 


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