Advice for volunteers

Thank you for volunteering to collect and deliver prescriptions for elderly and vulnerable owners who are unable to go out due to the Coronavirus crisis.

Please make sure you read these guidelines carefully and follow them at all times.

Before you start

  • Our staff will pass all the relevant details to you before you volunteer your help. This can involve speaking to the owner directly, or just with our staff. Preferably this will be by phone or otherwise email, and you will be provided with their full name and address including postcode (you will be asked for these by the pharmacist).
  • Ask for a phone number where they can be contacted by the pharmacist if needed
  • Ask where the prescription can be left, e.g. in the porch. Please never leave the prescription anywhere but the doorstep if you are unsure. This means that the prescription is visual to you, for collection by the correct owner.
  • Our staff will provide you with the surgery/pharmacy details the prescription is with.
  • Confirm exactly what is required:
    - Has it already been delivered to and made up by the pharmacist and just needs collecting?
    - Is there more than one prescription? If so, how many?

Before going to the pharmacist

  • Wash your hands thoroughly
  • Wear disposable gloves and present your Volunteer ID
  • Have a bag that the pharmacist can place the prescription in
  • Be prepared to wait, especially if the prescription needs to be made up or the pharmacist has any queries they need to check with the recipient first
    *If you have to deliver or collect a prescription to/from West Cross Pharmacy, knock on the window and show your ID and they will give you priority.

Delivering the Prescription

  • Leave the prescription in the pre-arranged place*, carefully sliding it out of your bag without touching the prescription package. *Usually this is the front doorstep – and you must take it away if there is no answer from the owner
  • Go back outside the gate, or at least 2m away from the door and ring the person. Ask them to confirm their name and then let them know it is outside for them.
  • Please wait until it has been picked up by the recipient, so the prescription is never left out of sight
  • Wait until the prescription has been taken inside the house before leaving
  • Remove and throw away the gloves and wash your hands thoroughly


  • ALWAYS have the full name, address and contact number of the person you are delivering to.
  • ALWAYS ring the person to confirm their name and let them know the prescription is there.
  • NEVER leave a prescription on the doorstep unattended.
  • NEVER enter a person’s house.
  • ALWAYS dispose of your gloves straight after completing your delivery.
  • ALWAYS wash your hands as soon as you get back home.


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