Local councils, communities and others throughout Wales are being encouraged to play a leading role in NHS, Social Care & Frontline Workers Day on 5th July 2021, a unique day of celebration and commemoration of those that work twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week without any thought of their own safety.

They are asked to do this by agreeing to raise a unique flag at 10am; participate in the Two-Minute Silence at 11am, the Nation's Toast at 1pm, Afternoon Tea at 4pm, the ringing of church bells 71 times with each ring representing a year in the 71 years of the NHS at 8pm, from within their local communities, as a 'tribute' to the Heroes of the NHS, Social Care and those that work so tirelessly on the frontline.

This special day is also being used to raise valuable funds for NHS Charities Together, the official organisation set up to support over 230 hospitals and their charitable trusts, with the money being equally divided to support the health and wellbeing of staff. Chief Executive Ellie Orton says: “I’m really excited by the plans the organisers have for this event and those who have already come on board to support it… this event will be a wonderful way of publicly expressing that gratitude while raising money for NHS charities.”

The other charity to benefit is the National Care Association who wish to use this opportunity to raise £200,000.00 for the work they undertake in their care homes. Its Chair, Nadra Ahmed explains: “In social care we support over one million people and employ 1.5 million individuals who have been involved in a variety of settings. We have more beds than the NHS and yet are often forgotten, which is why NCA is committed to supporting this day and ensuring that our workforce is celebrated alongside their colleagues in the NHS and other critical frontline staff.”

The plan is to make this an annual event, growing in size and stature involving individuals, local communities and other voluntary organisations etc, to enable us all to say a 'big thank you' to those who undertake so much for us all.

The activities for the day, along with the organisations and others supporting this unique initiative to date can be viewed at – www.nhsfrontlineday.org

Those taking part are being asked to register their involvement on the website to enable us to communicate with them. They can also download a special certificate to frame and keep as a permanent reminder of their participation in this most special of events.

We do hope therefore that all local councils, communities and others throughout Wales will join in these special events.

Cllr Mike Theodoulou, Chair of One Voice Wales said “The NHS, Social Care and Frontline Workers Day on 5th July 2021 provides a great opportunity for the community and town councils of Wales to show their appreciation for the monumental efforts of the staff who have supported and cared for those in need during the Covid pandemic. We will be encouraging all 735 community and town councils to take a leading role in organising the celebrations in their community.”


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