Mumbles Community Council runs and is responsible for this social media page. We are not responsible for any social media page where this statement is not shown.

Please note MCC has a zero tolerance policy of threatening or harassing behaviour, in person and online. We take all reports of intimidation or harassment very seriously. Any form of harassment or threats of violence towards councillors or our staff will be reported to the police. We do not condone intimidation or harassment in any form and urge members of the public to seek peaceful, lawful means to make their point of view known.

One way in which you can seek to influence decision-making in the Mumbles area is to write to MCC via, or your local councillor. However, please be aware that Mumbles Community Council is able to take action on a limited number of areas. In other areas, we can seek to work with City and County of Swansea to make progress. In some circumstances we will advise you to contact your local city councillor, your Member of the Senedd, or your Member of Parliament directly, where appropriate.

Please note that as per our social media policy, contacting Mumbles Community Council via social media does not constitute official communication and we may not be able to respond.

We hope you find the information on this page useful. For further information, please visit our website at


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