It was agreed last night, that Mumbles Community Council have authorised the signing of the Agreement for Lease and Underlease of Underhill Park. It was signed by Chair, Cllr Dr Martin O’Neill and Vice-Chair, Cllr Rebecca Fogarty of Mumbles Community Council (MCC).

This is a tri-partite agreement between Swansea Council, Mumbles Community Council and Mumbles Community Association (MCA). This agreement means that on completion of the building works Swansea Council will grant MCC a lease and MCC in turn will grant MCA an underlease.

The completion of this significant piece of the legal and planning jigsaw enables Mumbles Community Association to progress with the last outstanding matters, following which they can start the tender process to initiate building works for the project

Chair of MCC, Cllr Dr Martin O’Neill said, “I am really pleased that we have now agreed to formally sign up to the tri-partite working arrangement between MCA, City and County of Swansea and ourselves. I very much hope that this will allow us to put the wheels in motion to ensure that the much needed improvements to the facilities at Underhill Park can start as soon as possible therefore bringing benefit to everybody in the community as we emerge from this pandemic."

Chair of MCA, Simon Tse, said, “We are both delighted and relieved that the tripartite lease agreement has been approved by Mumbles Community Council, and would thank them for their continuing support for Go Underhill. With the lease ready to be signed by all parties, we can now progress with the final approvals which will enable us to move this exciting project off the drawing board and start making it a reality.”


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