Have you read Issue 88 November 2013 yet? The front page suggests that you "Join the great debate on the future of city services". Firstly, it advises that the Welsh Government has told the City Council that they can see a 3.1% reduction in funding which equates to more that £12 million for next year and that on top of that the Council will also have to account for inflation----- etc. etc. The Council will also have to make savings of £45million between now and 2017, including £25million which is to be made during 2014/15. It reports that Dean Taylor, Director of Corporate Services said "It's great to have had so much feedback and the opportunity to listen to what people have to say". He goes on referring to "This isn't simply a money-saving exercise". If you wish to get invloved in this debate, go to www.swansea.gov/sustainableswansea or email sustainableswansea@swansea.gov.uk Their is also a booklet on the subject available at your local library etc. or phone 01792 636092 for a copy.