No Mow May

It’s No Mow May! A month where we leave spaces for nature by letting sections of our gardens grow wild for a month.


If you have not already joined Plantlife’s No Mow May movement, don’t worry. This is not one of those strict gardening rules where you can only leave your garden to grow in May. It is a time to let those vital pollinator friendly plants grow and provide nectar and pollen for the emerging pollinators. You don’t need to let your whole lawn become overgrown, maybe just leave a few sections for nature, and see how they change over time and what this does for your wildlife sightings in your garden.

Why is this important?

We’ve lost nearly 97% of wildflower rich meadows to building and agriculture since the 1970’s. Without these pollinators lose a vital food source. But sometimes, with building development comes gardens and with gardens comes lawns. This gives us a chance to create more mini wildflower meadows.

A healthy lawn, with long grass and wildflowers can even do its bit in tackling global warming by locking away carbon below ground.

Managing our grassy land properly can deliver enormous gains for nature and the planet. There are over 20 million gardens in the UK. That’s a lot of grass!