Our new Chair of Mumbles Community Council

I am delighted and honoured to have again been elected chair of Mumbles Community Council..

During my term of office I intend to concentrate on bringing the council together in order that we can best deliver on those exciting community projects I am sure we all want to see completed. I believe allcouncillors have a role to play in ensuring that the council is welcoming and inclusive environment with an ethos of openness, transparency, accountability, honesty, integrity and above all civility. 

I am sure we can all agree that we live in a beautiful place with huge potential, but it is important that the Council does all that it can to ensure that that potential is realised. In this post pandemic, cost of living crisis world we cannot shy away from the veryreal challenges that face the people of Mumbles and it is therefore important that we take a pragmatic approach to building stable foundations from where we can focus on future ambitions for our community.