In collaboration with Skateboard Academy UK

Skateboard safety training event made possible through funding from the National Lottery.

Mumbles Community Council, in collaboration with Skateboard Academy UK, hosted a comprehensive skateboard safety training event made possible through funding from the National Lottery. This initiative aimed to equip 25 children of all ages and abilities with essential safety skills and knowledge, promoting responsible skateboarding practices within the community.

Skateboarding has surged in popularity among youth, making it crucial to prioritise safety education. Recognising this need, Mumbles Community Council secured funding from the National Lottery to organize a specialized training session. The event, held on Monday 12th February, attracted children eager to hone their skills while learning crucial safety protocols.

The training, facilitated by an expert instructor from Skateboard Academy UK, covered a wide range of topics essential for safe skateboarding. Participants learned about proper protective gear usage, including helmets, knee pads, and elbow pads. Additionally, they received guidance on skateboard maintenance and basic riding techniques, ensuring they can navigate skate parks and streets safely.

"This initiative underscores our commitment to fostering a safe and inclusive environment for skateboarding enthusiasts in Mumbles," said Cllr Martin O’Neill, Chairperson of the Mumbles Community Council. "We are grateful for the support from the National Lottery, which enabled us to provide invaluable safety training to local children, empowering them to enjoy their passion for skateboarding responsibly."

The event witnessed enthusiastic participation from children of diverse ages and skill levels, reflecting the inclusive nature of the initiative. By offering accessible training opportunities, Mumbles Community Council aims to nurture a culture of safety consciousness within the skateboarding community, ultimately reducing the risk of injuries and accidents.

"We are delighted to collaborate with the Mumbles Community Council in promoting skateboard safety," said Sam Horler, lead instructor at Skateboard Academy UK. "By imparting essential safety knowledge and skills, we hope to instill confidence in young skateboarders and encourage them to embrace responsible practices while pursuing their passion."

The success of the skateboard safety training event underscores the effectiveness of community-driven initiatives supported by organizations like the National Lottery. Moving forward,  Mumbles Community Council remains dedicated to providing ongoing support and resources to ensure the safety and well-being of skateboarders across the community.