Budget 2024/25

What We Will Spend Our Budget On In 2024/25

Mumbles Community Council vote on budget for 2024/25

We are pleased to inform you of the recent decision by Mumbles Community Council to increase the annual budget from £603,400 to £819,600. This adjustment, while resulting in a £20.48 annual increase for a Band D household, reflects our commitment to maintaining and enhancing the quality of projects, facilities, and services we provide to the community.

During the budget meeting on January 29th, our dedicated Councillors diligently considered various cost-saving measures without compromising the essential projects and services that contribute to the well-being of our community. We recognise the importance of responsible financial management, and every effort was made to ensure the fiscal sustainability of our initiatives.

Over the past few years, Mumbles Community Council has successfully delivered excellent projects that have significantly enriched the lives of our residents. These achievements include Mumbles Skate Park, Grant Funding for Underhill, Norton Nature Reserve, Oystermouth Orchard, Coffee with Friends and our Fundays. The positive impact of these endeavours is a testament to our commitment to enhancing the overall quality of life in Mumbles.

In making these budgetary decisions, the council considered the current economic climate and the challenges posed by the cost-of-living crisis. We understand the financial strain many residents may face, and we want to assure you that every pound allocated in the budget has been carefully considered to maximise its impact on our community.

Your continued support is crucial as we work together to navigate these challenges and build a resilient, thriving community. Mumbles Community Council remains dedicated to transparency, fiscal responsibility, and delivering valuable projects and services that benefit everyone in our wonderful community.

Thank you for your understanding, and we look forward to another year of progress and positive impact.

"While acknowledging the challenges posed by the current economic environment, we, as a council, remain steadfast in our commitment to preserving essential services that significantly contribute to the well-being of the broader community. Over the years, MCC has successfully executed various noteworthy projects, exemplified by the enhancements at Underhill Park and the Llwynderw skateboard park.

Our dedication extends to both large-scale endeavours and smaller initiatives such as family fun days, coffee gatherings, warm hubs, and our annual events like MumblesFest and the Christmas Parade. Despite the resource implications associated with these activities, the overwhelming appreciation expressed by residents motivates us to continue supporting them.

In a recent development, MCC has assumed the lease for the iconic Ostreme Centre, strategically positioned in the heart of our community. This move aims to safeguard this valuable resource for the community, although it requires additional resources for maintenance and potential
development. Balancing these demands on MCC resources, we have diligently worked to minimize any increase in the precept while ensuring the maintenance of current service levels.

Our reluctance to cut services is driven by a genuine understanding of their value to residents and their positive impact on people's lives. Recognizing this importance, we have decided to adjust the precept incrementally, reinforcing our commitment to sustaining the services that matter most to our community."

Statement made by Cllr Dr M O’Neill