One Voice Wales Awards

The Council received high commendations and accolades for its unwavering dedication to community development and engagement.

Mumbles Community Council Excels at One Voice Wales Awards, Garnering High Accolades Across Multiple Categories

Mumbles Community Council proudly announces its exceptional achievements at the prestigious One Voice Wales Awards, where the council received high commendations and accolades for its unwavering dedication to community development and engagement.

The One Voice Wales Awards, renowned for celebrating outstanding contributions from local councils across the country, recognised Mumbles Community Council with commendations in several key categories:

Highly Commended in Heritage Project: Mumbles Community Council's commitment to preserving and promoting local heritage shines through this recognition. The council's heritage project not only celebrates the rich history of the community but also actively engages residents in appreciating and safeguarding its cultural legacy.

Highly Commended in Environmental Projects: Mumbles Community Council's proactive stance towards environmental sustainability has been duly acknowledged. Through innovative initiatives and collaborative efforts, the council has demonstrated its commitment to protecting the environment and fostering a greener, more sustainable future for Mumbles and its residents.

Highly Commended in Community Engagement: The council's dedication to fostering a strong sense of community and promoting active citizen participation has been commended. Mumbles Community Council's inclusive approach to engagement ensures that all voices are heard and valued, fostering a vibrant and cohesive community spirit.

Additionally, Mumbles Community Council received a commendation for its outstanding efforts in Community Initiatives. This recognition highlights the council's proactive approach to addressing local needs and implementing initiatives that enhance the quality of life for all residents.

Councillor Martin O’Neill, Chair of Mumbles Community Council stated "The fact that we have been recognised with various commendations in so many categories provide clear and independent recognition of the variety and quality of service that our hardworking officers and members have delivered over the past year.

It also demonstrates how by working in partnership with local volunteers and organisations we have developed innovative and inclusive initiative aimed at responding to local needs. Over the past few years, as a council, we have sought to develop the capacity of MCC to deliver significant projects that meet local need and having now achieved recognition of our ability to do this we intend to build on this and go from strength to strength in our quest to make Mumbles an even better place to live, work and visit." 

The achievements at the One Voice Wales Awards underscore Mumbles Community Council's ongoing commitment to excellence in governance, community development, and environmental stewardship.